So many reasons to start

master the art of communication

Master the art of communication

Communication skills are critical to your success in business. Practice your public speaking and teaching skills here and gain confidence with every class you teach.

gain exposure

Gain exposure

Climb the instructor rankings and bring attention to your ability to teach. This could be a platform to other things, like speaking gigs or a new career in education.

be recognized

Be recognized as an expert in your field

Grow your followers as you teach more classes and build up your reputation as an expert in your chosen field, whether it's marketing, finance, or any other business topic.

promote services

Promote your services

Share your bite-sized insights and invite learners to engage directly with you for deeper discussions. This could be a gateway to new clients.

give back to society

Give back to society

There are many who would benefit from hearing your real-world work experience and strategies for success. Give back to those in need.

How to begin

We all have knowledge to share and Realschool makes it easy for anyone to create classes and teach. To begin, click 'Get Started' on this page and sign up as an Instructor. Next, create your Profile which includes your photo, full name, job title, company, industry, country, city, LinkedIn profile, instructor bio, and instructor video. All fields are compulsory except the LinkedIn profile and instructor video. The more details you fill, the better. Once your Profile is complete, the next step is to create a class, which includes the class title, class date, class time, class timezone, class description, and the business topic(s) that your class covers. All fields here are compulsory. It is recommended to write a compelling class title and clear class description with lesson takeaways. Pick a date and time that is convenient to you and ensure that you commit to teaching on that date and time. All classes are one hour in duration and instructors typically speak for 30-40 minutes and leave 20-30 minutes for Q&A and interaction. Once the class has been created, it will go to Admin for approval. Classes with relevant business content and created by credible instructors have a higher chance of being approved.

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