1. Why Realschool?

Realschool offers you an opportunity to share your business insights to learners or learn from other business professionals. What makes us different is that all our classes are taught by business practitioners, and in real-time online.

2. How does this work?


Explore classes by topic, instructor, or date. If you wish to register, click the ATTEND button and an email will be sent to you with a Zoom link. On the date and time of the class, simply click on that link and you will join the instructor and other learners in the Zoom meeting. All classes are exactly one hour. Post-class, you will receive an email requesting to rate the instructor on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the best). We wish you an enjoyable learning experience!


Anyone is welcome to create a class and you can create as many classes as you want, either on different subjects or the same. To create a class, click the CREATE CLASSES button. You will be required to fill in your instructor profile which includes your profile photo, full name, job title, company, industry, country, city, LinkedIn profile, instructor bio, and instructor video. All fields are compulsory except the LinkedIn profile and instructor video. We encourage you to fill in all these details so that learners can get to know you better. Once your instructor profile is complete, the next step is to create a class. You will have to fill in the class title, class date, class time, class timezone, class description, and the business topic(s) that your class covers. All fields here are compulsory. Pick a date and time that is convenient to you and make sure that you commit to teaching on that date and time. All classes are one hour in duration and instructors typically speak for 30-40 minutes and leave 20-30 minutes for Q&A and dialogue. For the class description, write about what you will be teaching and provide some lesson takeaways. Once you have submitted your class, it will go to the Admin for approval. Classes that have powerful content and are created by credible instructors have a higher chance of being approved.

3. Why learn?

- Get ahead in your career

- Learn from the business world

- Supplement your theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge

- Network with the class participants

4. Why teach?

- Practice your public speaking and teaching skills to gain confidence

- Gain exposure and climb the instructor rankings

- Build your profile and following

- Promote your services

- Most importantly, sharing is caring! Pass your wisdom on to others and help them do better.

5. Who can learn?

Anyone can learn.

6. Who can teach?

Anyone can teach. Note that classes are vetted for quality.